Assembly Corrections (1st. Edition)

    Page ix: Although the current online copy and
    later printings of the book are okay, in earlier
    printings the link to the previous support web
    should be replaced with the new support page:

Chapter 5:
    Page 75: The   cmp i,0   in the fifth line of the
    code segment at the top of the page should be:
    cmp i,3

Chapter 10:
    Page 194: In the box, the fifth line from the
    bottom in column one should be  0000001E  
    not  2E  and in the third column it should be
    mov eax,edi , not mov ebx,edi.
    Also the last four lines in the third column
    should be  mov ecx, not  ebx, all as appears
    at addresses 0000001E through 000000026 in
    Section 10.8   

    Page 195: Similar to the second mistake above,
    in the box the last four lines in column 3
    should be  mov ecx, not ebx.

    Page 197: In the second box from the bottom, the
    references to number in the first three lines
    should be to num2 and in the last three lines the
    references to number should be to num3, as they
    appear at addresses 00000046 through 00000064
    in Section 10.8.

    Page 201: In the box near the top of the page, the
    references to eax as the first operand in the last
    four instructions should be to ecx instead, as they
    appear at addresses 00000072 through 00000078 in
    Section 10.8.