"Using Contour Diagrams and JIVE to Illustrate Object-
Oriented Semantics in the Java Programming Language"
Abstract:  Organick, Forsythe, and Plummer extensively used contour diagrams to illustrate the semantics
of procedural and functional programming languages. However, many of the benefits of contour diagrams
can still be utilized in explaining the semantics of object-oriented languages and is evident in the software
JIVE created by Gestwicki and Jayaraman. This paper illustrates the use of both contour diagrams and
JIVE to help students understand passing objects via parameters, returning objects from methods,
comparing objects, and using inheritance in the Java programming language. The results of a small
informal survey are included. This paper is useful to those teaching Java in a first-year computer science
by James T. Streib and Takako Soma
Proceedings of the 41st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
ACM Digital Library