; Guide to Assembly Language
        ; Section 3.5 Complete Program
        ; Copyright 2010, James T. Streib
        .model flat, c
        .stack 100h
printf    PROTO arg1:Ptr Byte, printlist:VARARG
scanf     PROTO arg2:Ptr Sdword, inputlist:VARARG
in1fmt    byte "%d",0          
msg1fmt   byte 0Ah,"%s",0
msg2fmt   byte "%s",0
msg3fmt   byte 0Ah,"%s%d",0Ah,0Ah,0
msg1      byte "Enter the number of volts: ",0
msg2      byte "Enter the number of ohms: ",0
msg3      byte "The number of amperes is: ",0
volts     sdword ?        ; number of volts
ohms      sdword ?        ; number of ohms
amperes   sdword ?        ; number of amperes
main      proc
        INVOKE printf, ADDR msg1fmt, ADDR msg1
        INVOKE scanf, ADDR in1fmt, ADDR volts
        INVOKE printf, ADDR msg2fmt, ADDR msg2
        INVOKE scanf, ADDR in1fmt, ADDR ohms
        ; amperes = volts/ohms
        mov eax,volts   ; load volts into eax
        cdq             ; extend the sign bit
        idiv ohms       ; divide eax by ohms
        mov amperes,eax ; store eax in amperes
        INVOKE printf, ADDR msg3fmt, ADDR msg3, amperes
main      endp